Karpusha the kitten needs help!

The car hit Karpusha. The kitten has been laying flat on the road until the late passers by noticed him and brought him to their house so the dogs would not hurt him, they told us.


Early in the morning, Sunday, they called up several shelters for help but none of them would. Having called us and told what had happened they agreed to take the kitten to the vet clinic. They could not afford to pay for the treatment, however. The kitten was homeless, which means he is on his own. This also means he belongs to all of us, to those who do not turn down the helpless but nurse them back to life and health. Those who make them believe that live is still beautiful and it could be lived in a company of loving people and warm home.

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We named this young kitten Karpusha and we will not leave him in distress. We would be unable to help this many poor things without your support, however. On behalf of Karpusha we ask for your financial support. Please help this beautiful kitten get better.


Karpusha had fractures in his pelvis and shinbone and was in need of immediate medical attention. The kitten is at the vet clinic and has an I.V. catheter for administration of medications directly into the venous system for rapid distribution into the whole body. His further medical treatment depends on compassion and financial support of all of us. Karpusha the kitten will certainly recover. He will eventually forget the pain and injuries, and, with a sincere “meow!”, he thanks in advance all those who will help him. 


Please help us alleviate Karpusha’s veterinary expenses by making a donation. In the “Details of payment” please indicate: “Karpusha’s treatment”


Public Institution “Beglobis”

Legal entity’s code: 303194182


Bank account: LT167300010137615996  


You may also donate via our Paypal account: 


We also have an urgent need for a temporary post-surgery foster care for Karpusha as staying at our shelter would impose a risk to his health condition weakened by general anesthesia at the clinic.
 If you can and want to provide a temporary foster home for Karpusha, please call us on +370 653 54521, +370 652 44093 or email us at

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