Dūkštukai, the abandoned kittens, from Dūkštai neighborhood in Vilnius

They are abandoned, sick and unwanted. These kittens were brought from Dūkštai neighborhood into Vilnius Homeless Animals Sanitary Service (VHASS). Head of Dūkštai neighborhood snarled out that we may do whatever we want with the kittens as though they were a piece of garbage. Victims of irresponsible breeding, the once beautiful longhair cats, due to neglect, had lost their shiny coats and are suffering from difficult breathing, watery eyes, and runny little noses. These poor kittens are unwanted and renounced just because they were born.
We could not leave these sick kittens at VHASS. They need veterinary treatment and premium quality food, therefore they have been hospitalized at the vet clinic. After recovery, the kitten will become the real lynx type beauties. We kindly ask you to help them become such beauties. Good care and nutritious food make wonders. I order to ensure that, we need your support, however.


Therefore, we ask on behalf of all four kittens, the Dūkštukai, to help nurture them back to health. If you can contribute towards the Dūkštukai vet expenses, please make a donation to:
Public Institution “Beglobis”
Legal entity’s code: 303194182    
Bank: SWEDBANK           
Bank account: LT167300010137615996  
In the “Details of payment” please indicate: “Dūkštuku treatment”
You may also donate via our Paypal account:


If you can offer post-treatment foster care any one of the Dūkštukai kittens, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

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