Will there ever be limits to human cruelty toward pets?

These three still unable to eat by themselves kittens were thrown out into a garbage can on a festive day of May 1st. Boy riding the bicycle on his way to do shopping at the local market heard some scratching sound and saw the kittens crouched in the pale thrown into a public garbage can. He took the kittens to our shelter.

Human cruelty does not surprise us anymore – torn away from their mummies, still blind and unable to eat by themselves kittens thrown into public garbage cans, buried up in the dirt, or drowned is almost an every day occurrence. It makes us want to shout: “Are we human beings or just zombies?” Whoever can ever raise the hand and hurt such little babies? There are rhetorical questions.

Three little blue-eyed babies are not yet capable to understand they had become the victims of human cruelty upon birth.

These babies need money for special milk formula and both wet and dry baby kitten food. 
Your support is crucial to them. Please donate to the organization’s account. In the “Details of payment” please indicate: baby kittens food. Thank you very much for your support.

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