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Boy Tučis really needs home


Having learned that Tučis with his cut off and bleeding tail was put at the VHASS we rescued him and took him in to our shelter. The same day we took him from VHASS and brought him to the vet’s. The support and donations by all good people who were moved by Tucis’ tragedy allowed us to have his tail treated and the necrotic tissue removed at the clinic.


Currently this gorgeous boy is staying at the shelter cage and, of course, he longs for a permanent home, where he will be loved and cared for. Tucis will repay with his feline affection for the home provided.


He is lovely and loving, tidy and very handsome. He is neutered and he uses the litter box. Tucis’ eyes are fascinating and  expressive – they greenish yellow and very clear. His has semi-longhair snow-white coat. His special feature is that, unlike his relatives, he does not have long tail but the tip. He wiggles it in a funny way and looks very cute.

Tucis is really looking forward to experience the full happiness; therefore, we’re looking for responsible and caring owners for him. If you are that special person and Tucis stole your heart, and you would like to adopt him, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:


We have a “meanie” at the shelter. This is huge tragedy to the kitty itself and volunteers alike, as they are even unable to clean the kitty’s cage properly.
The kitty’s life story is sad: her owner, an old woman, was put to the hospital. The old woman asked her neighbor to give the kitty in “the good hands”. The neighbor took the kitty to the VHASS instead. These “good hands” were Vilnius Homeless Animals Sanitary Service. It is obvious the neighbor never bothered to look for any “good hands” and did what was the easiest for her. It is of course easier to dump the kitty at the VHASS than to feed and change the litter once a day.
The VHASS employee requested us to shelter the kitty and provided us an opportunity to talk to the old woman’s neighbor. Our request to keep the poor kitty at her home while we would look to rehoming her were met with callous replies that she would never bring the kitty back since “I just came here and now, what, to take her back? No”.  To our fears that unvaccinated home kitty under tremendous stress may get infected and sick the woman replied: “What are you talking about, the cats can’t get sick. Why would she get sick, she’s a healthy cat”. Eventually, the woman went: “if you don’t take her, I’ll throw her into the street”. In a word, once again, we realized we had faced the darkness, the indifference, lack of humanity.
Now, the kitty that we named Shelty (the neighbor who gave the kitty “in the good hands” didn’t even tell us her name) lives in a shelter cage and without letting anybody come near to her out of stress. She hisses, beats with her paw and is angry. We can understand the emotional and psychological state she is currently in because Shelty feels betrayed, unloved and unwanted. The kitty was really well cared after  - she is a roly-poly with glossy semi-longhair coat.  She always lives with her owner and was loved and pampered and suddenly…cage, bars, strangers, and other animals. Very scary and many worries. That’s why Shelty is defending herself and is scared of everyone.
We call sensitive and understanding people who understand what the betrayed and unloved heart of the animal feels. Maybe among the readers there is a person who will help this kitty to overcome her fears. Shelty is very likely to recover once she gets to the familiar surroundings of the home because she has never been locked in a cage and doesn’t understand why she can’t jump on the windowsill, why she can’t walk around the house, what she was punished for and closed behind bars.
It would be the best if Shelty had piece of mind, recovered, and then in her little heart the distrust towards people would undoubtedly disappear.
If you feel that you can help this little girl hurt by fate, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

Jo Ming, the mighty Kung Fu master from Vaduvos Street.

You haven’t met Jo Ming? You don’t know he lives with us? Well, then rush over to meet him. So, this  Jooo Miiiing from Vaduvos Street. All his life the strong Jo Ming fought the enemies. There’s little secret, he fought out of love, competing to win the affections of the pretty female kitties.
You Ming had a tumultuous life, full of tension, danger and adventures. Love adventures not always have happy endings, soYo Ming earned wound and scars. But all is good as long as it ends good.
Now Yo Ming has settled down , he’s fed and calm and watches everyone with a look of a wise man as if saying “calm down, relax, and enjoy the peace, y’all”. 
This charismatic fighter who has seen and experienced it all throughout his life now greets everyone at the shelter with a loud “maaaau”. If you stop by and talk to him, he always responds. And in general he loves to tell stories and talk. All that matters is that he has a listener. 
This old fight master is amazing cat. His complexion reminds of a French bulldog – he has short body, broad shoulders, and wide cheeks. But he has a very loving and soft disposition. He loves being petted so much that it makes him melt, the old womanizer. Yo Mig loves cheek scratch as well – then he purrs with eyes closed out of happiness.
Now all he cares about is to enjoy calm, safety, and coziness. It does not mean, however, that Yo Ming is interested in nothing. He is interested in watching the life, talking, purring, quiet strolls, and carefully monitoring the environment.
Currently he is staying at the shelter cage and we can tell he dislikes it verrrry much.  All his fight are a far behind. Now he is very friendly and quiet and has already been neutered. If you would like to adopt this fabulous, wise cat to love and share your home with, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

Saulene, sun kissed kitty.

Saulenem just like many house kitties, once had a home. But perhaps only she thought that way. She unwanted in that home, therefore, once she grew up, she soon found herself in the street. She was thrown out because she was “in heat”. Apparently, to the people of this kind it is easier to dispose of the cat that to sterilize her.
Thus Saulene ended up on the street. As the kitty was totally home cat, she ran to all people and finally took refuge in the kindergarten. While Saulene is extremely affectionate and sweet and communicative, the kindergarten’s “authorities” were hard to please.
One day they called the VHASS and Saulene found herself in a cage. After sterilization we took Saulene to our shelter. Now she is safe and loved by volunteers, but she deeply longs for that special person who will provide her a real home.
We named this kitty Saulene not without a reason. Her disposition is sweet and gentle, and when she was born, the sun brushed her coat and forgot one little ray on her nose.
So this cute and sun-kissed kitty Saulene is around 9 months old. She is very much looking forward for the permanent home as she’s eager to communicate and give you a sunny mood. If you would like to adopt Saulene, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

Cruelly thrown out into the VHASS because...a kitten was born.


Tiny little kitty, Maša, was hardheartedly betrayed by the very closest – her owners. Out of the blue, they got bored with the kitty and she had no place where she had been living since she her kittenhood, that is, her home. They got her as a live toy before the birth of their child, in order to „practise, i.e. take care of something, mutually“. Then the baby was born and Maša became unwanted as „she fulfilled her role: she was needed so we can practise to mutually care for something until the birth of our baby“ and afterwards she was written off. Because, as the owner told us „since birth and until three years of age, you can have no pets at home“. It made us realise that when the baby would reach the age of three, he would be wanting a pet and again they would take in a live toy, this time as „practise for the kid“.  This sort of  talks and this „morbid“ attidute towards pets made us sick. It makes us ask a rethorical question: „do you think that, after having hurt a helpless that completely depends upon you, you help your child“?
Meanwhile Maša, whom we renamed Luna, is totally stressed out at the shelter and on the first day the poor thing thew up everything she had eaten. Already minuscule and thin (we do not know how and what, if at all, they had been feeding her, especially with attitude like theirs) Lana the kitty is sitting and shaking, crouched in a corner of the cage.
Please notice this little one as Lana needs home very badly. A real home, where a pet is not an „item with a certain function to deliver over a certain period of time“. Lana is not a thing that you can throw out and get a new one after use. Lana can feel, understand, and suffer.
If you can adopt and share your home and love with Lana, a miniature kitty with green eyes, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

With love and care York is becoming a truly handsome boy

York is a very handsome tortoise male cat with longhair coat of extraordinary beauty. His coat pattern is soft sand tabby, he‘s got a cute rose nose, with one nostril adorned with a tawny streak. York has white gloves and white „bib“, and long white whiskers. York‘s eyes are almost same color as his coat – yellow with orange threads.

Had York been living with loving and responsible people, his coat would already be glossy. But patience, please. Soon his coat will shine and the cat will become a true adornment of the household.

Having been held in poor living conditions, suffered from constant hunger, eaten whatever scraps he could find, the kitten looked quite miserable. Little by little York looks himself again, he gains weight as we feed him a nutritious complete food.

In addition to his very handsome looks, York is very affectionate and loving to people. He is neutered and uses his litter box. We‘re looking for responsible, mature, caring and loving people and home for this wonderful cat. For further inquiries about York, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

Smile, a brave optimist

Sometimes it happens that you go to the store to pick up some milk and come back not only without it but with something you were not looking for.
It all began as usual, with the desire to get some food for dinner. Except that I never went to the store that night. On the steps of supermarket there was a handsome lynx cat greeting all customers entering and exiting the store.
This gorgeous cat was afraid of nobody; he went up to everyone asking for cuddles with his tail boldly raised up. For the most part nobody paid attention to the brave cat, but there were also those who tried to kick this affectionate cat. There will always be the low and lowly “humans” whose sole ability is to display hatred for the whole world and raise hands and legs against the weak and helpless. 
And Smile, as we named him later, could not care less and was not scared by the humans, as he perhaps never suffered any harm from human hand before. So the cat radiated the confidence in the surrounding world and infinite belief that life can only bee good on this earth. He walked from one person to another, raised his head up looking at everyone. When he grew tired of greeting everyone, he sat on the steps of the store.
What shall I do with you, Smile? At home I’ve got plenty cats like you and no more room all limits are exceeded. But you cannot stay here, near the busiest street. In fact, one man told me that the cat was on the other side of the street. This means he ran across the busy street already. How will he manage to come back if thinks of it? Maybe he will be luck and maybe not…
No, you can’t stay here. It’s too dangerous for such a brave kitten. There was nothing left to do but to go to the shelter and look for the temporary foster care. Shelter is not roses. Smile disliked the cage a lot. At least he is safe here.
So the brave optimistic Smile is around 1 year old and very eager to find home (maybe that’s what he went looking for by himself?). Smile is sociable, curious, kind and friendly, and a little independent. If you can adopt this gorgeous cat to share your love and home with, please call us at +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

Sequoia,  a whole lot of beauty and cuteness

You think you can only get a kitten of extraodinary beauty from breeders? You are wrong. Stop by and take a look at the animal shelters. There live verrry beautiful cats. Sequoia is one of them. Of course she is not aware of her beauty, so she is undemanding, simple and cozy kitty.
Sequoia is young girl about 8 onths old. She is spayed. Dressed in a very nice longer hair coat with colors ranging from light beige to dark chocolate and orange and emerald eyes lined with white eyeliner and a bright orange nose shining from afar. She has cute little ear-brushes sticking and a funny surprised facial expression as if she were asking, “woooow, what’s going to happen now?”
If you would like to adopt this kitty and become a responsible, caring and loving owner please call us at +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:  .
Our shelter is located at 44A Skydo Street in Vilnius.
Currently Sequoia is staying in shelter cage together with her identical sister, Guboia. Or, if you would like to double the beauty, and, of course, double responsibility, and can provide home and love for both little sisters, please contact us by the numbers and email above.

Shirley was needed to only brighten the loneliness (Happy Endings!)

Shierley became unwanted by her owner. She simply became a clutter since the owner had found “someone”  who does not like cats, so there was no more room for Shirley in her home where she lived since her kittenhood. Since this “someone” demands attention only for him, the owner did not bother to try to have Shirley rehomed. Moreover, why should she bother, as Shirley is “only a cat” and finally, there is “someone” in the home! That “someone” demanded that Sirley go and get lost.
So Shirley was unscrupulously brought to VHASS (Vilnius Homeless Animals Sanitary Service). On her admission sheet the owner curled a fat signature – a written consent to euthanize Shirley if new home for her would not be found within 2 weeks.

When we spoke with the “owner” over the phone, she was furious at the mere mention of Shirley and told us “not to spoil her good morning mood she was in”. Of course, with “someone” by her side and Shirley long forgotten, here comes, unexpectedly, some animal welfare org, bothering the “missis & mister” about Shirley grieving in a metal cage. So we choose to not spoil anybody’s mood and believe these persons will meet the fate they deserve.

We introduce Shirley, yet another unwanted and betrayed kitty. Shirley feels her betrayal deeply and is brokenhearted. She is not used to seeing so many other animals around, so she is totally stressed out and curls up in the corner of the cage. The kitty is very pretty – she has black glossy coat and big green eyes now showing, unfortunately, more horror than joy of living. Shirley is spayed, vaccinated and currently staying in the shelter cage. This little black kitty is waiting for her Human, her Home. We believe there are many decent people to whom a pet is a valued family member. 
If you can adopt and share your home and love with Shirley, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

Chip, a Chipmunk from the cartoon (Happy Endings!)

Chip is a roly-poly with round cheeks and you can’t help but compare him with the chipmunk from the Disney cartoon. Chip is one of the “round” cats. He’s already a grown up so he will not grow to be a big, long legged cat. He is gorgeous and sweet, round as ball, short and fat cat with clear green eyes and pink nose visible from afar.
Chip has snow-white fur with gray spots spread over in either symmetric or chaotic layout. His back has two gray patches going all the way and joining up on the tummy, while one side of his head is white and the other is tabby.
Chip has a serious look and at the same time, his facial expression is funny because it looks like though an adult cat is wondering in surprise like a small kitten.
If you want peace, warmth and comfort, Chip will be an ideal cat for you as he is calm and quiet, unassuming kitty. He is neutered and properly uses his litter box. If you want and can offer him your love and home and want to adopt him, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

Cloe, a masterpiece of painting (Happy Endings!)

Cloe is a very youn, about 1,5 year old kitty whose beauty needs no description. It is all obvious. Her face alone can be seen as the painted masterpiece: there are so many colors, hues, and brushstrokes, from black to orange to dark brown to beige, and as if that was not enough, there is also a white streak running down her little nose. But the white little track stops right at both nostrils which are perfectly outlined, one in bright orange and the other in black. Her cheeks are of different colors, too. Huge snow white whiskers are growing from the cheeks. And from this beautiful face the bright chrysolite eyes are shining.
That is the beauty staying in the shelter cage.  Cloe is spayed and she properly uses her litter box. She has very nice disposition. She may not like to be picked up all the time, but she always comes up rubbing her head against you and purring. As the kitty is very young she noes not really like to be closed up in the cage, so she is looking very much forward to finding her real home, where she can walk around and explore and enjoy her freedom.
If this kitty stole your heart and you are responsible and caring person wanting to adopt Cloe to share your love and home with, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

Rocky, biggy, blacky (Happy Endings!)

Rocky looks like a strong bear. In some way, his muzzle reminds a grizzly’s expression. Rocky has a large massive head, broad black nose and powerful cheeks. This is an impressive cat – big, with glossy black coat, and powerful paws.

Despite the large, massive body frame reminiscent of a bear, Rocky has a disposition of a cutest bunny. He is very peaceful. Huge but quiet, affectionate towards people, a bit shy in an unfamiliar surroundings. Regardless of Rocky’s rather stern appearance, this cat is an affectionate good guy. In fact, seeing this cat in person and knowing his disposition, it is funny to see how deceiving looks can be. Sometime his front leg had been broken and the bone healed itself, that is why Rocky’s limping and raises the paw occasionally. This is not a tragedy and Rocky can live with that. When we find a person wanting to adopt Rocky, our organization could pay for the corrective surgery, however. At present, we are unable to do it because after surgery Rocky cannot come back to the shelter but should recover in the safety of his home.
Rocky is neutered and he properly uses his litter box. Currently Rocky’s staying in the shelter cage and patiently waiting to see who will notice him and offer him a safe home.
Rocky’s leg surgery would cost you nothing. He only needs your love and care and your cozy home to share. 

Therefore, if Rocky stole your heart and you would like to adopt him, please call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to:

 Karmelita, a beautiful Spanish…(Happy Endings!)

Karmelita for some reason reminds of a flamenco dancer. Maybe it’s because her coat is colored the way as though a flamenco dancer while making sharp and decisive flamenco movements, were holding a brush in his hand and painting Karmelita. Karmelita’s mouth is painted off hand in black, yellow, grey, off-white. One cheek is black with golden hues, and the other is half-whitish, half-golden sand. Karmelita’s rosy nose has some black dots, too, and her body is a combination of grey, off-white, and both dark and light gold. Even her green eyes glint with golden spots.

This “Spanish” semi-longhair beauty with green eyes was brought here from a shabby home where nobody bothered about kitty’s looks and wellness. Nobody in the household cared about Karmelita. She was getting by by nibbling the crumbs she would occasionally find.

Karmelita, removed from these miserable conditions is waiting for the home where she will be loved and cared for. We are looking to find her a loving home as while being safe with us she still spends her days in the cage. Karmelita is neutered and she properly uses her litter box.

If you can adopt and share your home and love with Karmelita please call us on +370 652 44093 or email to: 

Kopa: „I‘m a pure-bred Lithuanian girl“ (Happy Endings!)

Our Kopa („Dune“ in English) is a real Lithuanian tabby. It is hard to turn your eyes away from her. Kopa‘s tabby coloring is very intense, highly expressive and perfectly regular. She has a round mouth, tabby cheeks, and big and expressive eyes.

Kopa the kitty is round and soft with a velvety coat. In addition to her strikingly beautiful tabby looks, Kopa is very nice and loving – she will rub her head to you craving human attention and love and petting. Kopa shows her affection all the ways she can – by soft or loud purring, by cuddling up and pressing herself to your chest.

What else can we say about this little lovely Lithuanian tabby? This affectionate kitty is approx. 1 y.o, is spayed and uses the litter box. And of course, Kopa can‘t wait to hear from the fans of Lithuanian tabbies. If you are one of them and Kopa has stolen your heart and you can adopt this kitty to share your home and love with, please don’t hesitate to call us on +370 652 44093, +370 653 54521 or email to: