Two sick kittens, Auksinukas (Goldie) and Juoduliukas (Blackie) need help!

Today we have rushed to Vilnius Homeless Animals Sanitary Service (VHASS) to rescue these two cats.
Black kitten is only 6 months old and is severely sick. He has pus in the eyes and yellow green discharge running from his tiny nose. The kitten has had keratitis and the resulting ocular damage is obvious. His coat is rather sparse with some bald spots due to  malnutrition and poor health. Juoduliukas has an urgent need for premium quality food, antibiotics and booster medications so he can recover properly. The kitten has been hospitalized and every day he spends at the vet clinic costs money as does the medication and treatment. Juoduliukas’s vet expenses have come to around 180 Litas.
Aksinukas (Goldie) is a young around 1-year-old kitten with a purulent wound in the leg. He too has been put in the vet clinic for his wound treatment and a course of antibiotics injections. His vet expenses will come to around 120 Litas. 
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In order to help these poor injured kittens found at the VHASS recover, we need your financial support for their treatment.

 Please help these poor kittens come back to health by making a donation. In the “Details of payment” please indicate: “Pragiedruliuku treatment”


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